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Do you want to become an Officer or Scholar?

The Core Problem in Pune is either the Guidance available is too idealistic or too Commercial. Personal one to one guidance is missing. Exam oriented guidance is almost absent. At the end of study, a student becomes Scholar & not an officer for which he/she actually started studying. So focus of guidance should be strictly exam oriented leading to success in the exam.

There is a lot of idealism among students. Many decide to study on their own. We need to realise that the syllabus is very vast i.e.‘anything under the sun’ so students should be practical as self-study is surely possible but it is not feasible if we consider time benefit ratio. Time is important aspect in this exam as exam pattern has annual cycle so one attempt loss results in wastage of almost one & half years’ . The age at which students go for these exams also presents them with various challenges from Personal Life.

In Pune another major issue is, entire focus in on Prelims, which is wrong as Prelims marks are useless to get a Rank. After Prelims a student is thrown out of the class & has to prepare on his own. In fact, post prelims is the most crucial phase, maximum support should be given at this phase. I see students who have excellent knowledge but fail to put it in their answer due to poor vocabulary, on the other hand, some are very artistic in writing but fail to deliver the proper content. With right guidance this can be corrected.

Every student has their own strengths and weaknesses, one has to enhance their strengths and work in their weaknesses. Hence there is no common medicine for all. UPSC preparation needs Strategic Preparation according to the needs of the exam & not an idealistic approach so a time bound Phase Wise Plan should be followed like the one we follow at HVDCEC.

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